The BannerzUp Lite Banner Frame System

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The BannerzUp Light Banner Frame System is a banner display system designed specifically for exterior display. There are (2) poles that are installed into the ground. The poles are 5' long and install 12" into the ground.  The banners are suspended from the poles using rubber bungee straps (6). Each component of the system has been carefully designed and tested for strength and endurance.  Recommended for banners that are up to 3' tall and up to 6' wide.

The entire system is powder coated for rust resistance and an attractive finish.

Banners are a great vehicle for communication but face a multitude of challenges that can decrease their effectiveness, visibility and amount of time they will last. BannerzUp Light was designed to address these issues as well as make it easier for the end user to install and display banners.

The Benefits of BannerzUP Banner Frame System


  • BannerzUp Light is designed to withstand harsh wind and weather, and it protects your banner investment from loss, tearing or fraying.


  • With BannerzUP Light installed, anyone can hang or replace a banner in less than a minute. There is NO loosening of knots. cutting zip ties or unraveling any messy cords.


  • Rotating different banner promotions is effective in attracting and keeping the attention of your audience and BannerzUp Light makes it easy to do this.


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